The Yarn of Life’s Tapestry


by Noreen Hickey

Based on people who have shaped the fabric of my life. Of special places, sewn into my memory. All woven together by insights gleaned along the way. Creating, so far, the tapestry of my life. Where some threads have been bright, but with a few darker yarns too. Always hoping, to find joy and strength spun neatly within.

Dedicated to April



For many years I was involved in Education. Initially, as a Careers Adviser. Thereafter, as a Primary Teacher.
Life then took an unexpected turn and, from that, other wonderful opportunities opened up!

My business as a Private Tutor began. My writing as a Poet and Author was rekindled.

My other poetry books in this series include:

“From Lessons to Memories” (2020) “The Migrants’ Journey to Love” (2021)