From Lessons to Memories


Noreen Hickey hails from Paisley but has worked in Perth for over 30 years, best known at first as Miss Hickey among the children of St John’s RC Primary School, but then, latterly to pupils of all ages, from primary, through secondary and in college, as a private tutor whose services in English and Maths are always in high demand. Since leaving the classroom, Miss Hickey has travelled the world with her lessons, earning herself the name the flying tutor; commuted each week to London and worked locally in the Fair City.

Helping her pupils to explore a depth of meaning in the written works of famous authors, Miss Hickey never before imagined that, one day, it would be in her own writing that she would uncover the poetic muse.

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If I had to choose one person,
in my life who had inspired me.
If I had to choose one person,
who was there to always guide me.
If I had to choose one person,
I could depend on come what may.
If I had to choose one person,
who for me would daily pray.
It would be – Monsignor Charles Hendry.
He followed my travels with interest
and, at times, a chuckle.
This book is dedicated to him.