Glasgow panorama

View south from the Wyndford Road flats, Glasgow – hiding a darker story

On 24 Mar 2020 – the Scottish Sun reported:

“Residents of a Maryhill estate have spoken out about the filthy living conditions

“Shocking snaps from the communal areas of the flats, operated by Cube Housing Association, show blood on the lift buttons, ‘spit marks’ on the floors and broken glass on the ground outside.

“Residents also told how faeces were smeared on the stairwells forcing them to take the lift – which “stinks of p*** – between floors.

“A 35-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Glasgow Live she was ignored in a series of complaints to Cube – who have since carried out two deep cleans to her landing.”

She said: “They treat us like animals. The lift hasn’t been cleaned at all. It smells disgusting.

“They mop using dirty water and wipe the stainless steel, you can see the marks on the stainless steel. You can see actual spit marks and mud on the floor.

“Outside there are needles, broken glass, spoons and other drug paraphernalia blowing around. Nothing is being done about it.

“I’d go as far as saying this is a human rights violation. They have left us here to rot. It’s a death trap.”

The broken glass and needles outside were cleaned by housing chiefs once flagged by tenants.

Senior staff also carry out regular walkabouts in the area with environmental staff to identify and tackle issues efficiently.

But the desperate tenant, who also suffers from asthma, says she has forked out hundreds of pounds in vet bills after her guide dog was cut by glass and was even forced to carry the pooch down a fire escape on their way out to a walk because the lift was so filthy.