God’s invitation to change !

God made the world and all its creatures with men and women made in His image

By  breaking His laws people have broken contact with God and damaged His good world. This we see and sense in the world and in ourselves

The Bible tells us the Good News that God still loves us and has shown His love uniquely in His Son, Jesus Christ.

He lived among us and died on the cross to save us from our sin. But God raised Him from the dead!

In His love, this living Jesus invites us to turn from our sins and enter  by faith into a restored relationship with God who gives true life before and beyond death.

Then with the power of the Holy Spirit remaking us like Jesus we – with all Christians – worship God  enjoy His Friendship and are available for Him to use in showing and sharing  His love, justice and peace locally and globally until Jesus returns!

In Jesus’ name we gladly share with you God’s message for all people – “You matter to God” and we invite you to accept His invitation.

Commissioned as a user-friendly expression of the Christian faith and authorised by the General Assembly 1992